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David Macias founded Wild Adventures in 1995 with a mission to educate outdoor enthusiasts in photography and the natural world. Along with experts in various fields, David offers classes in photography, natural history, wilderness survival, mountaineering, orienteering, camping, and rock-climbing. Classes are as diverse as the subjects, offering training to all levels of fitness and education. David's moto is; "There is a wildness inside us all, why hide it, deprive it, or deny it. Go and experience a ‘Wild Adventure'."

"Capturing Nature One Image at a Time"

It is not by accident that David Macias is a photographer. He is the third generation in a family business that began over 77 years ago with his Grandfather back in their native Cuba. When David's father and four brothers joined his Grandfather in the early 50's to start a chain of portrait studios throughout the country, they received national attention for their spectacular wedding and portrait photos. David Macias

David has chosen a different genre of the field. The vast expanses of this planet, nature and wilderness have taken the place of the studio. However, he did not start out this way. It was his love for music that eventually led him to this place in his life.

It began in 1969 when David and his family left their native Cuba for Spain. Two years later the family was granted a visa to immigrate to the United States and spent their first year living in New Jersey. In 1973 David began playing the violin and at the same time saved enough money to buy his first camera, a Minolta 110mm. As fate would have it, his first and longest running photographic assignment has been as the family photographer. He was the only one with a camera.

His musical talent began to develop and in 1976 he was honored by the Union City Board of Education with a violin and a solo performance at their annual concert. In 1977, his family moved to Massachusetts in order for David to fully develop his musical talent by attending Atlantic Union College and Thayer Conservatory of Music. This move proved vital in David's life since it placed him in a country setting and brought him closer to what he loved most, nature.

During this time, David began developing his outdoor skills by hiking, canoeing and camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. To help supplement his college tuition and outdoor hobbies, he began working at the college print shop and local fire department. However, for David anyway, working is just not enough and that same year he became the youngest EMT-firefighter in Massachusetts history at the age of 17.

By now his involvement with The New England Youth Ensemble, in which he participated concurrently with his other activities, gave him the opportunity to travel all over the world. This was a turning point in his life. Anxious to show his family and friends where he had been and what he had seen, David would bring back many photos chronicling his adventures. Later however, someone would inevitably comment "Where are the people?"

At the age of 20, David and his family moved to California. That same year David bought his first SLR camera, a Minolta XGM along with a 70-210mm. Armed with a new camera and changing from a totally humid forested environment to a dry desert one, he began exploring California's diverse landscapes and wildlife.

To subsidize this new passion, David opened a print shop in 1983 and began printing and publishing his photos in several newsletters. This same year he began climbing and mountaineering California's tall rocks and mountains. This was the beginning of David's adventurous nature. His accomplishments include three ascents of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, and as a team member of a 1989 expedition to Mt. Everest. Due to a broken ankle, which he acquired while photographing the "Chinese Wall" in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness, he was unable to participate as the staff photographer in a 1994 expedition of K2. In between all this, David has been teaching rock climbing, backpacking, and mountaineering since 1987 to the general public and at Loma Linda University, in California. David crossing river
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It was in 1988 that David acquired his first Maxxum system. It was a gift that allowed him to switch from amateur snap shooting to capturing the images that have earned him world recognition. In addition to wildlife and landscapes, David has been involved with dogs as a trainer and breeder. David has turned this secondary passion into a photographic opportunity. Today David has several dozen covers of internationally credited magazines along with hundreds of articles relating to dogs and their place in nature.

In 1994 David took the plunge, selling his print shop and devoting 100% of his time in pursuit of his dream, to photograph nature. In 1995 David acquired a complete Canon system which still is his camera of choice. As he puts it, this camera has taken him to the earth's darkest corners and has come back without a nick.

In 1997 David was sent on assignment to do a story at a jungle lodge in the jungles of Peru. The three week assignment turned into a three month expedition. David was able to make contacts with several key scientist and as a result he returned the following year where he spent six months and was able to capture images never before published.

Today, David leads photographers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts to North America's back country in search of peace, solitude, and spectacular images of the natural world.


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